I have a disheveled mind.

It won’t let me write in one genre, so you may be surprised at the mix of writing I put out.  I also tend to research my projects to death, leaving me with far more worthless information than I can possibly keep to myself, and so, I’d like to share some of that with you.

I intend to use this website to keep you up to date on my latest projects and to share some of the interesting (but mostly useless) things I come across when I’m working on my stories.

So sit back and relax.  There will be no test.

YOU decide what I write!

Books & Short Stories (by Publication Date)

Acre 330x493Morgarten by J.K. SwiftFarrier & Warder by J.K. SwiftWarder by J.K. SwiftFarrier by J.K. SwiftAltdorf by J.K. SwiftHealer by J.K. SwiftThe Kappa Hunter by J.K. SwiftPlaying With Fire by J.K. Swift

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Latest News

The Forest Knights Audiobooks

November 18, 2013 Categories: Altdorf, Featured, Morgarten, The Forest Knights

The next best thing to The Forest Knights Movie! Both ALTDORF and MORGARTEN are now available as audiobooks. Listen to samples and buy them at Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.com. On Amazon they retail for around $18 but if you already own an eBook version, you can get the audiobook for $1.99 (some countries may be different). Both books were performed by Brad Wills of Spellbound Audio. Each audiobook is about 8.5 hours...

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Free Healer Audiobook

November 18, 2013 Categories: Healer, Keepers of Kwellevonne, Short Stories

HEALER is the first volume in the ongoing short story series Keepers of Kwellevonne. The e-Book is currently available for FREE at these vendors: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords The audiobook for HEALER was performed by Brad Wills and the sound editing was done by Joel Timothy of Spellbound Audio, the same people who did such a fantastic job on the audiobook versions of ALTDORF and MORGARTEN (The Forest Knights series). I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with them–if you need an audiobook produced, be sure to check them out. HEALER is divided into 3 parts and you can listen to them for free below. Enjoy! HEALER – Part 1 http://jkswift.jymbrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/healer-011.mp3 HEALER – Part 2 http://jkswift.jymbrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/healer-02.mp3 HEALER – Part 3...

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Alphorns in Pirmin’s backyard

August 18, 2013 Categories: The Forest Knights

Alphorns in Pirmin’s backyard If you’ve ever wondered what an alphorn looks like this will give you a pretty good idea. In other news, ALTDORF and MORGARTEN are being made into AUDIO books! More about this...

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